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Torgunn Flaten is a many-faceted singer, songwriter, musician and producer. She likes almond pastry, the color green and light shattered through dewdrops and lots of snow in winter. Writing songs since her late teens, she is now recording and producing her own material. Early on she played the flute, and joined both classical groups and later jazz and psychedelic rock bands. Her style of music is influenced by Debussy, Satie, Paul Hindemith, Joy Division, Joni Mitchell(..love, love, love..)The Cure,The Smiths, Eurythmics, Antonio Carlos Jobim,David Sylvian(...Iiii plaaay myyy reeed Guitaaar...) Velvet Underground, Bjork, Pink Floyd, Weather Report, Michael Franks, Billie Holiday and Cocteau Twins and many, many more. Pretty much all kinds of music, tones and harmonies as long as it catches her ear...then makes a turn inside her head and comes out carrying peculiar melodies and harmonies put together in an playful way. 


TORGUNN performs live as a duo, with Joar Krakevik and Torgunn Flaten. At stage, they are mainly two persons, trying to put a spell on you and drag you into their sonorous, own harmonies. They haunt the symbiothic, etheric, organic with Joar´s electric "space echo" guitar and effects, and Torgunn on vocal and acoustic guitar. Some of their music can be described as impressionistic, guitarbased, melodic with own harmonic moods. Other tunes are more transparent and simple.These tunes are credible in their blend of several genres, in an available but personal expression. 


Lindstrom- winner of norwegian Grammy "Spellemanns prisen" Electronic Music several times, have collaborations with Torgunn . Torgunn fetched great reviews for her song and voice (Run 2005)- a collaboration with Lindstrom & Prince Thomas on their debut album from 2005. See more under "Music" - Press Reviews. In her studio at Kampen in Oslo she does recordings, producing and arranging on her songs, using different tools from wherever and whatever e.g things from the kitchen. Experiencing working with sound recording( EFP) out on locations and documentaries, there is no limits, only it sounds interresting, and can be of any use. Torgunn has spend several years working with sound and video, making short-movies, documentary and animation- even painting and drawing.


Watch the One-Shot  music video "ICECOLD & BLUE" with animation under "Video" and at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/TORGUNNTUNES and at the portal HDFEST.COM












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